Graphics & Logos

Today, consumers are bombarded with corporate logos. Those little company icons have become as ubiquitous as the business card. Standing out amongst the tall trees has become more challenging for the small business.

That’s why creating a strong brand identity is more important than ever. A brand is not simply a logo. A brand when it’s most effective can immediately evoke some powerful emotions.

Take a road-weary traveler who has had weeks of foreign food. Then he/she sees a Coca-Cola brand for the first time — anyone can relate! This strong little piece of art can be quite powerful. But it takes more than a logo to create a brand. This process also includes color combinations, typeface uniformity and the use (as underrated as it may be) of white space.

To the same degree, the creation of colorful graphics is vital in the art of visual communication. A strong and well-constructed infographic is a very powerful image in combination with a related story.