Editorial Layouts

There are some 20,000 magazines published in the United States alone. Newspapers simply don’t have the amount of space to report every important event that’s going on in the world. Newspapers do a good job of condensing information into a digestible format, but they really only report less than 10% of stories that come into their offices.

Magazine and newspaper content differs, though that line seems to get grayer by the day. Magazines have for a long time been delivering hard news with the lighter feel to it. More newspapers are including more “magazine-type” content - with commentary, feature stories and lighter topics blending in with the mostly factual reporting.

This difference can be conveyed to the reader by its graphic treatment - or editorial layout, which when it’s most effective, can include a different photo presentation, a different typeface, a more lenient headline choice and other unique elements that can draw a reader who is weary from too much hard news.